Associate Superintendent for Leadership at the Archdiocese of New York:

Steve Virgadamo dedicates his entire career to a dedicated furthering of the Catholic Church’s social impact. For over twenty years, Steve has unrelentingly contributed endless improvements and direction to a knowledgeable and professional network of  school leaders and administration.

In addition to working with the Archdiocese of New York, Steve Virgadamo is known for raising and improving the efficiency of multiple Catholic school systems throughout the United States. Recently, he has served as the engineer of an architectural school leader appraisal process, which is utilized throughout numerous Church affiliated and other private schools. From Associate Superintendent to leader and philanthropist, Steve continues to be one of the foremost premier consultant for Catholic educational institutions. Steve’s specific technique of building and contributing to the Catholic schools in more than 120 diocese through education management has resulted in record levels of  new scholarship funds for students. These philanthropic funds will continue to be used in order to further the growth and efficiency of catholic institutions throughout the United States.


Steve VirgadamoWhile serving and building the Catholic educational community, Steve additionally Mentors sixteen Curran Principal Academy Fellows under the title of Executive Director of the Curran Principal Academy. This role requires Steve Virgadamo to organize and collaborate with corporate sponsors to fund bi-annual meetings, conferences, and retreats. In order to excel with success as an Executive Director, Steve must additionally secure $300,000+ annually in philanthropic support of the Curran Principal Fellows.

Steven conducts many governing searches for executive positions at the individual school, diocesan and archdiocesan levels. His vast and widespread network of professional contacts has enabled him to be extremely successful and he is highly pursued in order to aid conducting executive level searches.

Steve Virgadamo’s Previous Careers:

Steve Virgadamo

Steve Virgadamo

Apart from his work in altruism, ad a leader and superintendent, Steve Virgadamo was employed by the University of Notre Dame, located in Notre Dame, Indiana, as the Associate Director of the Alliance for Catholic Education. Steve provided new methods of leadership and consulting to the University for over three years. His specialties include strategic planning, executive searches, marketing, enrollment, and development. His work for the North American Territory for Legion of Christ and the College of Humanities located in Cheshire, Connecticut set him apart from many in his field. As the National Director of Development, Steve’s responsibilities encompassed fundraising and overseeing finances for fundraising operations. Steve’s influences and efforts to improve an integrated global fundraising system gained recognition  throughout Europe, Mexico, South America, and Central America. With that being said, Steve  Virgadamo developed a developmental strategy with the Chief Development Officers for the Legion of Christ that he continues to utilize present day.

Steve Virgadamo is a proven leader with 20+ years of experience in improving the  management of Catholic schools. As a  Vice President with Catholic School Mangement, Inc., he worked with more than 2000 institutions in 43 states, Steve dedicated his efforts to the growth and expansion of CSM. As a the first Associate with the firm, Steve Virgadamo contributed to cultivation and business endeavors in order to develop training programs on various topics. His efforts fueled from the large scale perspective of lasting partnerships and leadership management.


Steve Virgadamo’s Education and Military Career:

Prior to his work as an educational leader and philanthropist, Steve Virgadamo was one of the few in the history to receive an appointment to each of the United States Military Academies. While at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Steve mainly focused on excelling as a leader and student. To this day Steve often employs the skills he acquired while serving his country. Steve Virgadamo also attended St. Francis College and completed graduate studies at the new School for Social Research and Long Island University. As a family man and patriot he continues to commit to his personal mantra: God, country and family.


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