catholic-information-centerWelcome to the Catholic Information Center. The Catholic Information Center is one of the front runners for brining new life into the Catholic Church and new Evangelisation. The center is located in Downtown Washington and has become a staple for the community and the Catholic following. This community of believers as you will hear from the video are not just locals, there are people that travel far and wide to walk through the front doors of this wonderful center and seek guidance, forgiveness, and hope.


This video highlights some of the main reasons why the CIC is so popular and so beloved by so many people. The Catholic Information Center is located right on K Street in Downtown Washington D.C. providing the center a pivotal spot to bring in new followers and attract more attention. The CIC is also widely regarded as having the best Catholic book stores in the country. With more literature than you know what to do with you will never be without the word of the Lord.

Enjoy the video and please come back soon for more videos and more information.

Thank you for viewing!

Steve Virgadamo