Expanded educational alternatives are needed to provide our next generation with access to a quality education and create the skilled workers that are essential to American competitiveness in the global economy. We cannot continue to ask children and families stuck in chronically failing public schools to wait any longer. Quite simply, parents and children deserve a choice. We must be able to fulfill our obligation to provide parents and their children with educational alternatives. By giving parents the power of choice, we are ensuring that students will have the opportunities they deserve for a bright and successful future.

 The need for improved school choice has never been more evident. Today, thousands of students are trapped in chronically failing schools in our most economically depressed communities and dense urban areas.   Educational Savings Accounts, Charter Schools, and Voucher programs are just some of the potential avenues to reform our failing government run school system. We must focus on urban education reform and work to provide a solid foundation for our children to achieve their dreams. School choice is a no-brainer because we know that kids win when parents choose and every student counts.

With strong leadership and a commitment that never strays from putting the best interest of our children first, change can come.

Thank you for reading!

Steve Virgadamo