steve-virgadamo-private-schoolWhat school will your child attend next year? Not long ago this question was asked only of parents of high school seniors and referred to a college. Today, this question is asked as early as a child’s entry into preschool. With myriad educational options to choose from – government and private alike – parents are facing important educational decision long before the college years. Attending  private schools with exemplary academic programs are not just for the wealthy anymore. Catholic schools provide a very reasonably priced education with exemplary results in student’s academic performance and focus not just on preparing students for college but also heaven.

When parents take time to compare the value to cost – Catholic schools often make it to the top of the myriad options.

Catholic School Graduates:

  • Lead the nation in post secondary achievement;
  • Pursue a rich variety of college majors;
  • Typically are admitted to the most prestigious Universities in the country;
  • Pursue healthy adult lives;
  • Place a higher value on family values and community service.

So, if asked what school your child will attend next year – What will be your response? Pursuing all options with or without a price tag – will help you find the right fit for your child and just possibly launch them on a path not just towards college but heaven as well.

Thank you for reading!

Steve Virgadamo