catholic-leaderFor over 25 years Steven Virgadamo has worked with Catholic Schools in more than 100 Catholic Dioceses. Below he shares some anecdotal thoughts gathered experientially about 5 Leadership Characteristics of Effective Catholic School Principals.

1. View Threats as Opportunities

Effective Catholic School Leaders do not shy away from challenges and typically view every threat as an opportunity, are willing to lead their school community with a missionary zeal and

2. Possess a Vision while manifesting a Passion for Servant leadership

Effective Catholic school leaders know that mission enables but vision inspires and vision can fuel the fundraising and friend raising process. They are Christ centered servant leaders who

3. Own the results

While working at the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre dame – we had an expression – whatever it takes – is what it takes! An effective Catholic school leader embraces the role of spiritual leader, academic leader, personnel manager, and advancement officer, but they know that they can’t do it alone and….

4. Share leadership via engaging shareholders in a Faith filled Community

Effective Catholic school leaders don’t take credit for success and are willing to accept all and any failures but also

5. Understand the business of Catholic education

The most successful Catholic school leaders know the teaching learning process but also understand that everything we do in a Catholic school is done because we are Catholic.

Steve Virgadamo provides thought leadership to Church leaders, Trustees and Board members. His expert counsel over many years has led to many Bishops, Chief Finance Officers, Superintendents, Pastors and Principals to consider him to be the expert in both Church and school management and the most premier consultant for Catholic schools, colleges and universities.  He travels throughout the United States and internationally to mentor and teach school leaders, teachers, pastors, and more. His domestic and international reputation has led to Steven’s selection as a delegate for the World Congress on Catholic Education sponsored by the Congregation of Catholic Education.

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Steve Virgadamo