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Education Technologies of the Future

Technology continues to be an ever growing aspect of our lives. While it is not so surprising to see how it impacts certain parts of our daily lives, most seem quite shocked when they hear how technology continues to have a major influence in the world of education.

Learning within the classroom is constantly changing as technology shapes the way that people are able to study and grow. Virtual reality and adaptive learning in general is continuing to make its presence known across the country in classrooms.

With technology steadily improving, virtual reality classrooms are now used to help with the learning process. This type of technology in the field of education is able to help draw students in, and get them involved with hands on learning. This type of virtual reality technology sometimes even has the capability to take over as the teacher itself. Many online schools and courses are able to use this type of technology where students have access to it any time of day right from their computer or mobile device. This helps to permit learning at any time of day or not right from the comfort of their home.

Educational robotics have continued to become more popular and will steadily trend upwards in the future as well. The Lego Group, which invented the first educational robotics, set the pace when they developed the Mindstorms brand in the eighties. Today, many companies have bounced off of this idea and created other aspects of educational robotics for various different subjects. Just a few examples of these include Ozobot, Cubelets, or Dash and Dot, which all allow students to tap into their creative side and learn.

Intelligent mentoring is also very accessible and will continue to grow even more popular in the future of education. These types of intelligent tutors via technology take the place of a normal teacher and are able to assist in the learning process of students. A fantastic example of this is Duolingo which is a foreign language program that helps students learn a brand new language. The mentoring system is able to pick up on any type of errors the student makes and helps to correct them so they are able to understand what they did wrong. As technology continues to thrive and become more widespread, intelligent mentoring will grow.

Steven Virgadamo – “Technology is a Tool in Schools and NOT an Outcome!”

techInformation technology has become so tightly woven into our workday and personal lives that it’s hard to imagine life without it. We get directions from GPS, read books on our e-readers, collaborate with colleagues on documents in the cloud, connect with friends on social media and more, and we do it all from our smartphones and tablets.

Technology is also driving the way teachers teach and students learn. Steven Virgadamo calls for revolutionary changes in education using tech. “Blended learning and assessment systems will be pivotal in improving student learning and generating data that can be used to continuously improve the education system at all levels”.

Recently, Steven Virgadamo presented to a conference of more than 200 new Catholic school teachers and he was he asked:” So, what do you want kids to do with technology. Most interesting is that he took it immediately to a 10,000 foot level and replied by saying: “Technology should help kids:

–          Raise awareness;

–          Start conversations;

–          Find answers to their questions;

–          Join partners;

–          Change minds;

–          Make a difference;

–          Take action;

–          Drive change.”

And then he added: “In order to make that happen you have to give them the skills to:

–           Make Prezis;

–          Start Blogs;

–          Create Wordles

–          Publish Animitos

–          Design Flipcharts

–          Produce Videos

–          Post to Edmondo

–          Use Interactive Boards

–          Develop Apps.”

Finally, he added: “Some of the tools, such as Twitter and Facebook, will require especially keen oversight by teachers, but he encouraged teachers to look at these sites as an opportunity to teach students not only the curriculum at hand, but also safe and effective use of technology.


Steve Virgadamo provides thought leadership to Church leaders, Trustees and Board members. His expert counsel over many years has led to many Bishops, Chief Finance Officers, Superintendents, Pastors and Principals to consider him to be the expert in both Church and school management and the most premier consultant for Catholic schools, colleges and universities.  He travels throughout the United States and internationally to mentor and teach school leaders, teachers, pastors, and more. His domestic and international reputation has led to Steven’s selection as a delegate for the World Congress on Catholic Education sponsored by the Congregation of Catholic Education.

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Steve Virgadamo